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Grocery Cart Math
by Jaye Hansen
Make grocery store trips a fun part of your school day, with Grocery Cart Math. Students learn basic math skills through regular trips to the grocery store. Each section contains specific activities to do at the store, at home, and questions to discuss with Mom and Dad.

This book, wonderfully illustrated and easy to read, is an excellent way for children to learn about different forms of currency with fun learning activities for everyone.

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Grocery Cart Math Review By Beverly Hernandez, Guide
Grocery Cart Math Review By Anne, Homeschooling Blogger

Publisher’s Suggested Retail Price - $10.00
ISBN: 978-1-880892-67-1


One Hundred Sheep
Skip Counting Songs from the Gospels by Roger Nichols
We all know how to count by 2, 5, and 10. Learning to count by 3, 4, etc. is important as well. This skill, known as skip counting, is used in every math process from multiplication to algebra. Using exciting and familiar stories from the Gospels as a basis for the lyrics, these original songs teach and reinforce counting for numbers 2-10. Children love to sing these clever and educational songs as they learn number relationships and Bible stories too!

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One Hundred Sheep Review By Anne, Homeschooling Blogger

CD & Booklet:
Publisher’s Suggested Retail Price - $14.00
ISBN: 978-1-929683-21-5



One Hundred Sheep Real Audio Presentation

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